Installing a new roof is an exciting experience. Your pets and kids may watch in admiration as roof installers tear, rip, nail, and haul the roofs. They may even be tempted to move as close to the action as possible. However, that may be very dangerous.

When the roofing installers arrive, your home is a work zone and can pose risky hazards. To make the roof system replacement or installation seamless and stress-free, you need to follow some safety precautions. This article highlights some ways you can prepare your home for a roof replacement.

  1. Prepare Your Pets And Kids Psychologically

The loud noises coming from the installation may cause anxiety and insomnia to your family members. It may be fun to watch the work being done from a distance, but it’s dangerous for pets and children.

To prevent anyone from getting hurt, you need to talk to your kids and tell them the areas in the yard or home that’ll be off-limits until the work is done. If it’s challenging to keep them off these places, it would be best if you took them to your friends or relatives until the project is complete. However, you should be at home as the roof is installed to ensure it’s done according to your preferences.

  1. Relocate Your Cars

Some roofing companies may want to use your favorite parking space as their work yard. This enables them to access their tools and trucks quickly as they work on your project. They may also require your parking space to load shingles.

Therefore, it would be best to keep your vehicles elsewhere during the period that the replacement is being done to protect them from damages. Ensure you also keep garage doors closed to keep them free from dust and debris.

  1. Remove Wallpapers And Decorations

Though repairs may not affect some rooms within your home, the vibrations from the construction machinery and harmers may affect your wall in some way. That’s why you need to remove pictures, knick-knacks, and other things to prevent them from falling and cracking. However, you can leave other decorations that are permanently fixed to the wall through screws and nails. To be safe, it’s also advisable to remove chandeliers and light fixtures.

  1. Cover Things In The Attic

As the installers walk on the roof and heat it with hammers, debris or dust may fall into the attic spaces and mess your belongings. To keep these items cleaner, you can cover them with drop clothes or old sheets until the contractors finish the job. After the construction, be ready to vacuum those areas.

  1. Take Your Patio Furniture And Grills From The Work Zone

A garage or a shed is an ideal place for storing outdoor items like patio furniture, grills, potted plants, and lawn ornaments during roof installation. If you lack storage, select an area on the yard that’s far from the work zone. The roof contractors may not help you move your items outside and inside the house. So if you need help, seek it in advance.

Final Thought

During the roof installation, you should prepare to prevent your items from being damaged and keep your family safe. These are but a few ways to prepare for roof replacement.