Technology has come to the rescue of many because it is offering knowledge, efficiency, and timely information. By adopting technology, real estate agents can be trusted as advisors when it comes to matters real estate instead of transactional agents. It is the role of a real estate agent to offer transparency, liquidity, and high returns on any property you are looking to sell.

In the last few years, residential real estate agents, as well as commercial real estate agents, have quickly embraced technology as their symbolic partner. In the modern-day world, embracing technology will easily propel the savvy real estate firms forward and leave forms that are slow to embrace new practices chasing the curve. Technology certainly has a considerable effect on the operation of real estate brokerages.

Just like professionals in other industries, real estate agents and brokers have remained skeptical, worried, and reluctant about the adoption of new tools which could probably bring an end to their business. If you think, for instance, stockbrokers, you will realize that their current operations are entirely different from where they used to be two decades ago, but their jobs are now more enhanced and increased in efficiency due to technology. And surprisingly, none of them has lost their job because of technology, quite the opposite. Technology has ended up supplementing their fiduciary role to the clients, relationships, as well as market knowledge and they, are not better service providers because they have embraced the role of technology in its truest sense.

The same reasons apply to residential and commercial real estate agents and why technology is a tool they should embrace and leverage in their daily activities without endangering their own careers. Here are some of the reasons why you will need to hire a real estate agent that fully embraces technology when you are looking to sell your home.


When it comes to selling a home, many homeowners are often looking to have the best experience with their agents regarding personal touch. It is already evident that if you are looking to sell your home, you want an agent who will have more time offering essential advisory insights. One reason why you should hire a real estate agent who embraces technology is that you will enjoy a better relationship as well as more personalized touch with your agent.

Technology helps real estate brokers spend little time working on their transactions and more time offering essential real estate advice and building better relationships with their clients. As we are all aware, technology increases the number of eyeballs on any listing. However, for a real estate agent to convert the site visits to sale offers and going through rounds of offers and due diligence calls for a strong relationship and proper communication between the agent and the home seller. The relationships that are required for this role are typically cultivated over time and embracing technology is the best way to approach this idea.

Advisory Skills and Market Knowledge

When you want to sell your home, you want to work with an individual who has vast market knowledge to help you secure a top-dollar sale in addition to having excellent advisory skills. Although technology has made collection of rent comps and well as financial modeling less time-consuming and more efficient, a broker who embraces technology will always be a valuable asset for their advisory skills and industry knowledge.

While the internet is flooded with data providers, getting the information you require for a house selling survey now takes less time. There are also newer platforms that use predictive analytics as well as machine learning to not only provide you with data but also get you on another level of conclusion-making.

By embracing technology, a real estate agent will be better poised to respond to questions regarding the optimal price of your sale, what type of property you should invest in or the kind of homebuyers to target. Besides, a tech-savvy realtor can assess auto-populated responses regarding the real estate arena and offer their expertise to clients on what they believe is appropriate and what other related professionals are saying.


Real estate brokers have always played a crucial role as fiduciaries to their real estate clients. By hiring an agent who embraces technology, you will receive intimate market knowledge as well as third-party mediation. An agent has to get you the best price as well as the best possible terms for your sale. Brokers who leverage technology have the seller’s best interests at heart while at the same time respecting the buyer thus bringing all parties to an acceptable offer and finally closure of the sale.

Just like many other fields, real estate brokers need to evolve their businesses to incorporate new strategies and tools otherwise they will lag behind. It is better to hire an agent who embraced technology that work with one who is still adamant about accepting evolution in their line of work.

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